Tips for a Clutter Free Car

When it comes to keeping a tidy car, you can clean it out, or you can stop it from getting cluttered in the first place.

I've always been someone who keeps a lot in the car so I'm prepared for everything. First aid, emergency, spoons and forks and napkins and straws, pens and pads…if you need something, I'm there for you.

When I got the new car, I got the chance to completely reset things and set up for success. I didn't want to get rid of everything, since I love being prepared, but I also didn't want things spilling out.

Here are my simple tips for a clutter free car.

1. Make a list and get things organized.
When I skipped this step, I ended up with a lot of things I didn't need and missing things that I did. Once I had my list this time, I was able to organize what I wanted to keep in bags intended for travel toiletries. Then those neat bags fit nicely into the car.

2. Keep it contained.
I keep one small bin on the passenger seat that holds a few things I'd like to keep handy. When I have a passenger, it's easy to take that bin and put it in the trunk. If the bin starts looking cluttered, I take it inside, clean it out, and bring it back, ready to go.

3. Create car bags for kids.
Obviously, backseat clutter is a huge issue for me with my kids. I ended up creating a bag for each of them with art supplies, books, and small toys. They are responsible for keeping those supplies in the bag, and the bag fits easily in the seat pocket. 

4. Bring it in.
Every night - every single night - we bring everything in, with the exception of bags that are supposed to stay there. Backpacks, dance bags, coats, purses - it all comes in every day. 

It's a new routine, but so far, it's working well!

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